Planet Explorers Alpha 0.4 Released!

Hey everyone, sorry for the slight delay, but here comes alpha 0.4! Now before you start downloading (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TORRENT or DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM GAMEFRONT), I want to warn you that there are probably some bugs in the release that we haven't caught. We just added too many features and new functions in this release that we haven't been able to test everything. We'll probably release a a0.41 in a week to fix all the minor bugs and polish some of the new functions. In this build we added:

- procedural adventure and build maps single player (note, a 512*512 map will take 2 min to load) with the grassland, forest, desert, and canyon biomes.
- cave systems single player
- a new procedural planting system
- more forest area
- some forest creatures
- swimming
- more efficient UI system
- herds and herd behavior
- better animal behavior
- more story scenes
- firing guns
- creating any gun in the creations system
- new map for the game world (now 17X10km)

You'll notice that we don't have online multiplayer included. This is due to us having some personnel issues as well as making the decision to split the multiplayer code from the client code. Which all means that we'll have a more efficient build of multiplayer in a build or two (we'll try to have something for a0.5).

In other news, we'll do a Kickstarter for Planet Explorers next month. The game has grown beyond our original budget, so in order for us to fulfill our entire vision, we'll need some of your help. More on this later.


good game

Gamefront link doesn't work.

No Seeders of torrent.

As in, nothing to Alpha test. =/

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Not sure why Gamefront dies every now and then (I'll ask), but I just checked the torrent and there are seeds on there.