June Patch Update Overview

For the patch in June, we’re going to add some long-waited features into the game, including a friend system and team system. But first, let’s talk about the adjustments on game modes that are coming in June.

For those who want to play more competitively, we decided to add a new mode called ‘ranked’ into the game. The new leader-board will reflect those who played in ranked instead of regular matches.

After the June patch players will be able to see a new mode called ranked and it’ll only be unlocked after players have reached level 7. Be aware that all players data will be reset with the June update, which means even old players will have to reach level 7 (approximate. 5-8 matches) before they are able to play in ranked matches.

Of course, one of the main issue players might be worried about right away is the lack of players with each individual game mode. We’re totally aware of that and we do believe this is the step we have to make to improve the game in the long run. We’ll also adjust some of the game mode settings to improve the overall experiences for most players. Our team will continue to look closely into players feed backs while adjusting accordingly.

Friend and team system

Other than the newly added ranked mode, the arrival of the June patch will bring another two long-awaited features: the friend system and the team system.

Start with the friend system, just like the friend system in many other games, players will be able to add friends via their username or user ID

Players can then check their friend’s status (if they are online or not) and message them privately.

add friends

Players could also find others in which they recently played with under the friend system and send friend requests.

To complement the friend system, we’ll also be adding the team system. The team system allows you to team up with your friends or other players you have recently played with. Each team can have a maximum of 3 players. The team leader can choose to go on regular match or ranked (as for ranked everyone in the team must have reached level 7).

Compared with other games our friend system and team system are still in the early stages and need a lot of optimizations. We’ll continue to work on these systems and would like our players to provide valuable suggestions on how to make it better.

Other than these new features, players can also expect a new item in June called ‘swap’. It is easily the most overpowered items in the game, swap allows players to literally switch position with a nearby opponent. A lot of fun new GamePlays will come out of this for sure and we would also love to hear back from you how you fell about this item.

Along with the update we also got our new lobby music, compared to the
current music this one definitely had more electronic vibe to it. We’d
like to take the opportunity of this open development to test out
various lobby music tracks to find the best match.

Let us know what you think! A more detailed “changelist” and bug fix note will be available once the update is ready to launch next week, stay tuned for that!

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