Are you hiring ?

Yes. We look forward to hiring competitive people who would like to work in game industry and create a good video game. If you are interested, kindly send us your CV to Our HR will contact you ASAP.

For any advice or criticism, please send your feedback to

Bugs, crashes, game not launching
I have encountered issues like crashes, game not launching or not responding etc., what should I do?

Please send the following asset to our email, we will investigate the issue and release a patch ASAP.

  • Crash Report (which is named “output_log.txt”)
  • Description of the activities before the game crashes

Address of the crash report:

Super Buckyball Tournament: C:\Users\”Your user name”\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Entertainment\S.B.T

My Time at Portia: C:\Users\”Your user name”\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\My Time at Portia

Ever Forward: C:\Users\”Your user name”\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\EverForward

I have discovered a bug, how do i report it?

Thank you for discovering a bug we have not detected at this moment. Could you please send us the detail of the bug to our email, we will do our best to patch it ASAP.


There has been a long-existing bug. When will it be patched?

Thank you so much. Probably we have missed this bug, so please send the description of this bug in detail to our email, we will fix it ASAP.

Consoles and Other platforms
Can i transfer my save file from PS4 to PC?

We are sorry, but you cannot transfer your save file. They cannot be transferred or converted.

My Time at Portia: The limit of items in the yard is capped at 50.

This adjusted setting was made due to console's performance. When our publisher ported the game, they capped the item limit to guarantee performance.

When will Nintendo Switch be Updated?

We are working on the porting and update of all the consoles. bugs and updates are expected to be fixed by December or January 2021.

Hardware Issues
I have encountered some performance issue, such as lags and frame drop.

We are sorry to hear you are having an unpleasant experience. We have been trying to improve our optimization for our games, to make them run smoother on as many devices as possible. When such issues occur, we recommend you lower the graphics and resolution; disable some visual effects and close unnecessary background apps. If nothing improves, please send your device specification to our email, we will investigate it ASAP. Even though this may not solve your problem immediately, but it will help us with game optimization. Thank you very much!

The game runs slower when installed on HDD

The speed of the storage device is beyond our ability. As SSD are usually faster than HDD, and the connection and RPM is different for every model, we strongly recommend you install our game on SSD to boost your experience.

My computer Shut down due to overheating.

This could be caused due to many reasons. Since you encounter this issue when running our game, we suppose our game may not be compatible with certain hardware. We are sorry, but we may not be able to resolve this issue in a short time. But be sure to send us your PC specifications to, and your report with help us with our performance optimization and other improvements. Thank you for your feedback!

Frequent crash if CITRIX is installed.

Citrix simulates a virtual graphic card and caused the game to recognize an invalid graphic card. Please disable or uninstall it.

When is the next major update and content update?

We are planning on releasing an update of My Time at Portia in late October or early November 2020.

Why are consoles updates behind from Steam? When is  the console update?

The Steam version is directly managed by us, while on other platforms and consoles we need to negotiate with our publisher who are in charge of porting and publishing updates on other platforms. We are in constant communication to improve the update time on other platforms.

We expect all the updates to catch up with the steam version by December or January 2021. Please stay in touch.

My Time at Portia Quests
NPC not responding my character, and quest item can not be submitted.

Please send detailed description of the issue such as the name of the NPC, the name of the ongoing quest, its progress, and the name of the quest item to our email; we will investigate the issue and release a patch ASAP.

During the quest "Sharks in The Sky", i can not go through and i get stuck in the elevator.

We are sorry for this issue. Because of the framework setting, in this quest, when the frame drops below 30FPS, the game will bug out. We recommend you lower your setting to proceed during this quest.

When i complete a quest, the progress is not updated.

Thank you for the feedback, please send the detailed description of this issue to our email, we will do our best to resolve it.

All materials are gone.

Thank your the feedback, please send the detailed description of the issue to, we will do our best to resolve it.

When doing May's photographing quest, the photos are not  counted.

There are two possible issues about this quest. First, please adjust your camera position, some scenes have specific requirements and needs to be shot from a specific angle and require a reference building, so try it from different positions. Second, you may have encountered a bug, so after trying from many angles, please inform us by sending email to, we will investigate it ASAP.

NPC path-finding is terrible.

We are still improving NPCs path-finding methods. As a matter of fact, the current AI framework prevents NPCs from adjusting their path-finding. When you spot a path-finding issue, please send us the description and screenshots of this issue to Thank you very much for helping us improve our games.

Game Localization
Will more languages be added to My Time at Portia and when?

Currently we have 12 supported languages in My Time at Portia and we do not have any plan for adding more languages.

How can i help with game translation?

Thank you for the offer. Please send us your information and let  us know to what language you would like to translate. Our email is We will contact you at our earliest convenience.

There are some minor spelling/localization errors i found.

Thank you for the feedback, kindly send a screenshot of the error to our email, we will patch it ASAP.

Mac Version
When is the release of My Time at Portia's MAC version?

We have encountered some technical difficulties when porting the MAC version.

Our team have shifted their attention to other consoles at this moment.

Will My Time at Portia have multiplayer?

We are sorry, but My Time at Portia will not have multiplayer. You may look at our other games, such as Super Buckyball Tournament.

However we could tell you that we are researching how to implement multiplayer in the next  "My Time" Title

Publishment and Business
When will the Game be on Sale?

We do not know yet. Make sure to follow our Social Media and Steam News. We will post discount and sales once we have the information

Can i cooperate with your company?

We welcome partners and we always seek chances for more cooperation. Please send your requirements and needs to our email,we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Will you sell merchandise?

We are planning on making our games merchandise. Please stay up to date with our Social Media.


Our mission is to make unique games based on new technology, new ideas, and user generated content.
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