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Maya IS Lost between Reality and imagination. Unlock her memories and confromt her fear TO UNRAVEL THE SECRETS OF THE WORLD

Adventure, Colorful, Puzzle, Story Rich, Female Protagonist ...

My Time at Portia

A handful of characters

"A pleasant building adventure"

"My Time at Portia's many parts don't always shine on their own, but together they make for a pleasant building adventure." "It seems no matter what I do, Portia continues tto encourage me to keep going for more because it still has more to offer"

Miranda Sanchez

"First must have game in 2019"

"It is safe to say that even after a dozens of hours of play, I only scratched the surface of what there is to do in My Time At Portia. Combine hunting, mining, building and romancing with a fascinating setting and an involved narrative, and I can see myself continuing to go back to play more..."


"Best wholesome life simulator on switch, hands-down""

"By including memorable NPCs and a system that nurtures your every building whim, almost every little thing you tick off feels like a major accomplishment - and no, that’s not just because things sparkle when you finish building something. You’ll find yourself sucked into its world for hours on end, and I’m just warning you: you’re not going to want to leave it."

Zoe Delahunty-Light
  1. My Time At Portia Early Access

    Hey Portians!

    It’s here, My Time At Portia is now available on Steam Early Access!
    We’re incredibly excited for you all to begin your adventures in Portia, and wanted to share a little more info on what you can expect to see in the game…

  2. My Time At Portia Full Release

    We’re very excited to announce that My Time At Portia will be leaving early access and releasing on PC on January 15th 2019!

  3. EF Release

    A girl trapped in a strange world somewhere between reality and imagination. Help her find her way in this adventure puzzle game.

    Learn more
  4. SBT_Preseason

    Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason is currently offline. Please join us again in early February 2021 for another round of SBT!

    Wishlist the full game!
  5. Sandrock Early Access

    Howdy all builders, What a lovely day today! My Time at Sandrock Early Access has finally launched in Early Access! A new journey starts right now, right here!

  6. My Time at Sandrcok Full Release

    Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly anticipate the game's release! Your heartwarming relationships and cherished memories are set to arrive at November 2.



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