Planet Explorers Alpha 0.3 Available Now!

Its been 3 months since we released Planet Explorers a0.1 and we've been working hard at Pathea Games since that time. Now, we have something to show for, in the form of a0.3. It is available now: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TORRENT (please help seed) or CLICK HERE FOR A DIRECT LINK.

With a0.3, we've added lots of new features, including:

- LOD 1km view distance voxel terrain
- AI coding structure change
- New grassland species
- New enemy attack behaviors
- Species will attack each other
- Some species will not attack player unless attacked
- New adventure terrain map
- 5+ new materials
- small Forest demo area
- 3 more NPCs with another mission from the main storyline
- 10+ new FX
- Female back in
- Hair changing
- New armor sets
- Creation system (weapons)
- Range weapon (bow and arrow)
- Mission guidance
- Day/night cycle
- Random NPCs with random missions
- NPC partners
- Using the ctrl key to drag horizontal when building with voxels
- Trading system involving meat
- Simple multiplayer coop tower defense map
- Autorun (middle mouse to start and stop)

There are several systems that we're extremely proud of including the LOD and the creation system. With LOD, one can see a long ways off, giving the world a real sense of scale. With the creation system, we're allowing players to build whatever hand held weapons they want (with more options such as cars and planes later). There are still bugs and incomplete features, heck, we had to pull off several all nighters over the last week just to get this build stable enough for you guys to check out. So please bear that in mind when you play it. Post comment you have on our forums and help us make Planet Explorers a better game.

Also a note on the multiplayer, we only have 1 server up for this (so maybe 4-5 games at the same time?) and there are some notable bugs, so this might be a bit frustrating to play with for now, we'll hopefully put up an update in the next week to get some of the bugs fixed.

With that, please also look for a0.4 coming in a month time. In that version, we'll be adding a randomly generated multiplayer adventure map, swimming, forest creatures, and more.


airconone's picture

Good, now it s work with my old ATI4830.

Here's a magnet link for anyone who doesn't feel like downloading the torrent.

Can i help you, I know a lot about Unity?

Please excuse me for my bad English (I badly know English)
Help me please: how can I get more fat animals? I kill animals and collect their meat, but I do not find fat (for creating a campfire)

Ps: sometimes fall through the ground. FPS drops when you change weapons or tools.
Pss: the game very much, been waiting for something like this :) thanks to the developers

ZinF's picture

amazing game!))))) waiting for release)))))

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