Planet Explorers Alpha v0.3 Screens

Sorry to say, but the Planet Explorers Alpha v0.3 will be delayed a few days until next Wednesday due to some memory leak bugs and extra testing for the multiplayer server. We're working really hard to get this right before sending it out the door. Even though it is an alpha, we still want you to encounter as little bugs as possible, so please bare with us. Still, here are some screens from 0.3 for you all to enjoy until then.

There are several new elements in the new screens, including a new day/night cycle, a few new animals, animals attacking each other, and the dark creatures that come out during the night. We'll post more screens next Monday.


Beichtvater's picture

looks pretty good...
we believe in you!
though, of course, it would be desirable to play already.

Kerdamor's picture

i think it will be amazing game, yea we are waiting :) 0.3 build

rainpilot's picture

I'm still here, waiting for that patch! Can't wait any longer!

rainpilot's picture

Can't wait!

Beichtvater's picture

We so wait your game...
And where?

RollandRo's picture

All the scenes are stunning and amazing to look at. The graphics are very clear and sharp.

Tendonitis Knee

The gaming environment is so cool. You really did great on that one. Hope that the interfaces are instagram follower